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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Here are a few tools and pages that may help you when working on a website.

Get the free Mozilla browser. This is the browser that Netscape is based on and is far safer than Internet Explorer.

For the most flexible, affordable ASP shopping cart available visit VPASP

Accept Credit Cards within minutes for a low one-time fee and instant set up

Mailsite tutorial

Spambayes - a great spam filter - download here
Visit their website for more information.

Spy-Bot - another tool for Adware and Spyware, I would run this first.

Ad-Aware - use this program to check your computer for Adware and SpyWare.
Read more from their website

A good site for information on viruses and email hoaxes - Sophos

Not sure if a virus warning is real or a hoax - visit the Norton antivirus website.

A color palette

Looking for images, clipart, bullets, backgrounds etc - visit hitbox.com.

Arachnophilia - this is a great careware HTML editor, be sure to read about careware before downloading the editor.

WS-FTP LE - Once you have your html pages you need to transfer them to your web host. This is one of the common FTP programs to do this and it's free.

Check who owns a domain name using Milonic
Enter a domain name:

Need an ASP Calendar - Here is a free one and easy to implement

Looking for javascript code - visit javascript.internet.com.

Looking for HTML Tutorials visit htmlcodetutorial.com

Looking for a javascript tutorial visit Webmonkey.

For great answers on ASP from 4GuysFromRolla.com.

For more great ASP resources from ASP101.

Page resizing - if you are working on a large screen and want to see what your site looks like on a small screen set the width and height to 800 & 600 respectively.

Color calibration for your monitor - This page is courtesy of and Copyright (c) 2001 Stanley Rowin Photography

Analyze your Meta tags courtesy of Meta Medic. Fill in your URL at the bottom of the page.

Boston/Cape Cod Traffic

Track any space object - Space Shuttle, ISS etc.

Need to get tide or weather information? Use the boxes below and enter your zip code to get local information.

Get Your Local Weather Forecast